Proton U

Our Mobile App to Prepare Pediatric Patients for Proton Therapy

Proton U is an interactive storybook designed exclusively for pediatric patients and their families to use in preparation for proton therapy treatment. The app is intended to engage young patients and help them understand what to expect at the University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute. We encourage patients to download and play through the app before arriving at the proton center.

What’s in the app?

This app is a customized educational experience that includes: a complete walkthrough of proton therapy, a full cast of team members who explain treatment, special activities with unlockable features, a chance to explore the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute, and a section with information for parents.

Benefits of Proton U

Proton U was envisioned by our Child Life Specialist, Kim Todd, as a new interactive preparation tool that enhances the planning and rehearsal skills required for daily treatment. It combines the known benefits of medical preparation with the familiarity and intrigue of technology.

“By introducing pediatric patients to the sights, sounds, and experience of our proton center through playful interaction, Proton U may reduce anxiety and fear.”- Dr. Danny Indelicato, University of Florida Director of Pediatric Radiotherapy

How can I get the app?

Download the app for iOS today. For the most vivid experience, we recommend viewing on an iPad. Android and Windows versions coming soon.