olympic athletes

UF Health Supports You and Olympic Athletes With Groundbreaking Care


If you’ve had treatment at UF Health, you share something in common with Olympic athletes. UF Health is the only U.S. Olympic & Paralympic National Medical Center located in the Southeastern U.S. providing care for Team USA. As a result of the partnership, University of Florida doctors, nurses, researchers and other health care experts are ensuring that Team USA members can receive quality care when needed and continue to train and compete at peak performance levels.

The world’s top athletes are built to strive for greatness — to always push to go faster, jump higher, do better. UF Health’s 11 hospitals, regional networks of providers, six health colleges and 10 research institutes are built from that same DNA. And they are here to proudly champion Team USA’s health by providing elite athletes access to the same world-class health care available to you and your family.

For more information about the partnership, the athletes UF Health supports and the groundbreaking care delivered, please visit HumanProgress.UFHealth.org.


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