ron howorth

Seamless Cancer Care

Seamless. That is how Ron Howorth and his wife, Ya, described their experience receiving proton therapy treatment at the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute. In 2023, Ron was diagnosed with prostate cancer and started looking into the many options available for cancer treatment. Ultimately, they decided to travel over two hours from The Villages, Fla., to Jacksonville, Fla., for radiation cancer treatment. 

They initially made this decision based on their own research into proton therapy and the benefits of potentially fewer side effects. In addition, Ron took the time to read through the bios and experience of the radiation oncologists, which impressed him immensely. Finally, the quick responses from the intake team, as well as his doctor and nurse when he had follow-up questions after his consultation appointment made them know that this was a place that he wanted to get treatment. Ron and Ya were so impressed with how each person on their care team worked together to make all aspects of their experience a smooth process, which is so unlike many of their past experiences with the medical system. 

Throughout treatment, Ron and Ya appreciated the care and guidance from their medical support team led by his doctor, William Mendenhall, MD, FACR. They fondly remember their first meeting when he shared both the treatment plan as well as encouraged them to enjoy life and make the best of their situation. On Dr. Bill’s (as he is known to his patients) recommendation, they had several memorable meals in Jacksonville restaurants.

Take a couple minutes to view this video of Ron and Ya sharing what it was like to receive proton therapy at the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute. They share their advice for other people diagnosed with cancer, their experience researching treatment options, advice for how to make the most of your time in Jacksonville during treatment and advice on how to create your own community of support while undergoing cancer treatment at the Institute.


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