UFHPTI Employee Recognition and Education Fund Is Established

A lifetime investment. That’s how Anthony “Tony” LoBianco describes his choice of prostate cancer treatment at the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute (UFHPTI). And that’s how he describes his decision to make a philanthropic investment to establish the UFHPTI Employee Recognition and Education Fund.

“We are a ‘Gator’ family and have been for more than 60 years,” said Tony. “During that time, UF Health has impacted the lives of every member of our family. Without UF Health, some family members would not be here today.” 

Tony LoBianco

In his own search for prostate cancer treatment, he said the Institute stood out for its reputation as an award-winning leader in research, development and implementation of medical treatment programs, including the internationally recognized and effective non-surgical solution for the treatment of prostate cancer. Upon meeting Dr. Bill Mendenhall at his consultation appointment, Tony said he and his wife “knew almost immediately that UFHPTI was the program to be trusted with my treatment.”

“I felt confident in my selection of UFHPTI, both during and after my primary treatment. The experience was a supportive and positive one, unlike some other experiences I have had with medical treatment throughout my life. It was surprisingly stressless and went by more quickly than I expected. Even though the primary treatment is complete, I believe the program will be a regular part of my ongoing medical treatment and care. I am grateful there is a team at UFHPTI with such a broad range of skills that continues to guide my healthcare,” said Tony.

His positive experience inspired him to establish the UFHPTI Employee Recognition and Education Fund to recognize employees at the Institute for their service and to provide opportunities for continued growth and advancement.

Through the gift, Tony and his wife hope to encourage others to invest in the people and programs that have treated thousands and the many individuals yet to be treated. They see the investment as a way of recognizing and enhancing retention of employees, attracting and encouraging the best healthcare professionals to seek a career with the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute, and expanding the Center of Excellence.

Tony, who retired after a career in retail and government operations management, said he enjoys working out at the gym or walking a long bridge. When he’s not maintaining and driving his muscle cars or attending car shows, he and his wife enjoy traveling and exploring new places.

He commented that he and his wife don’t feel much like philanthropists. He explained, “We are just regular people. That’s the beauty of this – anyone can help.”

He went on to encourage fellow proton alumni, “While monetary donations are an essential part of the success of the UFHPTI program, not everyone may be in a position to participate financially, but you can help. You can support the center and those in need in other ways – be a UFHPTI Ambassador, participate in a local cancer care group, be a resource/support for someone searching for a treatment solution, undergoing treatment or with post-treatment support. There are many options. Regardless of what you choose to do, Pay it Forward!” You can join the LoBiancos in recognizing the excellent staff at the Institute by making a charitable gift to The UFHPTI Employee Recognition and Education Fund today.


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