Proton Therapy News Brief Roundup

Annual Ambassador Meeting Held in August

On August 16, 2023, just two days after the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute’s 17th anniversary, more than 40 proton ambassadors and their caregivers gathered together for the 3rd Annual Virtual Ambassador Meeting. For the past three years, ambassadors have been coming together virtually to connect and find out the latest news. Led by Bradlee Robbert and Christina Mershell, the Proton Ambassador program is one that helps connect people who are newly diagnosed with cancer and who are researching proton therapy as a treatment option, along with UF Health Proton Therapy Institute alumni (cancer survivors who went through proton therapy treatment). This is a unique program that most cancer centers do not provide, but we feel that it is important to hear directly from patients about what it is like to receive proton therapy treatment and answer questions about their experience.

We are thankful to each of the more than 500 ambassadors, representing more than 12 cancer diagnoses, who volunteer their time to be available to answer questions and share their experience with proton therapy. This is very helpful as new patients reach out and begin to research their treatment options. Thank you, Ambassadors! Find out more about our program in the For Patients and Families section or reach out to


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