$44 Million Expansion Project Complete with the Opening of a Fifth Treatment Room

blue gantry room

The University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute has completed the installation of a dedicated nozzle in an original gantry, or treatment room, that delivers pencil beam scanning to our patients. The reopening of this treatment room is the third and final phase in a $44 million expansion and upgrade project that began in 2016.

The Institute now has a total of five treatment rooms: four gantries, three of which can deliver pencil beam scanning and one fixed beam treatment room. The technology and expansion allow the Institute to treat 25 percent more cancer patients. All rooms have the latest image guidance that allows for pinpoint accuracy to deliver proton therapy that can stop where physicians direct it in the body.

The UF Health Proton Therapy Institute has one of the most versatile proton therapy systems in the world, offering both double scattering and pencil beam scanning technologies, which enables the Institute to treat the broadest possible spectrum of patients and target tumors precisely while creating less damage to the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor.


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