Clinical Research Initiatives Receive Grant Awards

clinical research

The UF Health Proton Therapy Institute and UF Department of Radiation Oncology have recently been awarded two grants: one to quantify the risk of second cancers in children treated with radiation and the other to measure the impact of a breast cancer awareness public education campaign.

The $160,000 NIH/NCI grant awarded to Daniel Indelicato, MD, Professor, Mendenhall Endowed Chair, and Associate Vice Chair of the UF Department of Radiation Oncology, for the United States Pediatric Proton Therapy study will help fund a comparison study of pediatric patients treated with proton therapy and a similar group of patients treated with photon therapy. To read more about the study, click here

The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation awarded the $10,000 “BE AWARE: Breast Education to Advance Women’s Awareness of Risk and to Empower” grant to Julie Bradley, MD, Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, Eric Brooks, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, Oluwadamilola T. Oladeru, MD, MA, MBA, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, and Matthew Culbert, MD, Second Year Resident. The grant will help fund a series of educational sessions with the goal of encouraging women who are at higher-than-average risk of developing breast cancer to use breast cancer screening resources. To read more about the study, click here.


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