A Relaxing Option to Help Relieve Joint Pain - Yoga Therapy

“It takes away my pain,” said Rozina Behrooz, coordinator of Residency and Fellowship programs for the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute. “I go every Monday evening. It’s rare for me to miss a class because it helps me so much. Why would I want to miss it?”

There are three classes on Mondays, one for patients and two for staff, taught by Marcy Knight. Ms. Knight has a special certification in yoga for radiation oncology patients so she is especially “in tune” to our Institute patients. The help she gives patients is nothing short of miraculous some say.

“For me, it’s about relaxation and being pain-free,” said Rozina. “On Monday at the end of work I’m usually pretty tense. But I go to yoga and relax. I feel the benefits immediately. My joint pain goes away!”

Rozina tells a story about leaving work and walking to her car one evening after yoga class. Part way to her car she realized that her joints that are usually painful weren’t hurting at all. She’s sure it’s because she took her regular yoga class before leaving the Institute.

Rozina recommends yoga to other staff members and suggests it to Residents and Fellows regularly. She points out the benefits of relaxing, flexibility, less pain especially joint pain, and immediate benefits. If others say they would come but they don’t have a mat, Rozina points out that the program has extra mats they can use. Or if getting down on the floor is an issue, chair yoga is an option. The person does yoga exercises while seated in a chair and gets the benefits of regular yoga.

For anyone interested, yoga classes are free to participants. Classes are held in the Research Room. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes. Bring a mat if you have one. If you don’t, we’ll find one for you. Classes are at the following times:

  • Patients at 3 PM
  • Staff at 4 PM
  • Staff at 5 PM

If you have questions about yoga or any other activity for patients, their families or staff, please call Brad Robbert, Director of Operations, at 904-588-1251.


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