Proton therapy alumni patients to gather at Georgia SUBWAY Restaurants

June 1, 2011

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 JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- About 12,400 children under the age of 20 are diagnosed with cancer each year in the U.S. In Georgia there are about 400 children diagnosed with cancer each year. In many cases, cancer treatment can result in a cure. SUBWAY Restaurants is teaming up with customers in Atlanta, Macon and Savannah to raise money for lifesaving cancer treatment for children.

Customers may make a $1 donation to fight childhood cancer at one of 40 participating SUBWAY Restaurants* now through June 30.

In support of the fundraiser that will benefit the pediatric program at the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute, proton therapy alumni patients will meet for lunch at 11:30 a.m. at two Atlantaarea  SUBWAY Restaurants

  • 3000 Old Alabama Road, Alpharetta, Ga. on June 7

  • 10945 State Bridge Road, Alpharetta, Ga. on June 8.  

Other luncheons are being planned in Macon, Ga. on June 9 and Savannah, Ga. on June 10. Locations will be announced online via the FloridaProton Facebook page,

“As a cancer survivor myself and UF Proton Therapy Institute alumni patient, I wanted to do something to help the children that I saw while I was being treated for cancer,” said John Boike, coowner of SUBWAY Restaurants operating in Georgia. “Through this fundraiser, I’m hoping to increase awareness about the children and their families who are dealing with cancer and about the treatments that may make a cure possible for them.”

A boy who lives in the Atlanta area is one of the inspirations for the awareness campaign and fundraiser.  Christian McGrath was diagnosed when he was six-years-old with a tumor on his salivary gland. He had surgery in Atlanta to remove the tumor and then six weeks of proton therapy in Jacksonville, Fla. With proton therapy, a form of radiation treatment, the doctors were able to avoid doing damage to his hearing or to his normal growth and development. 

Two years later, Christian is a happy, healthy 3rd-grader, thanks to the cancer treatment he received.

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